2022 IT Salary Guide

Atlanta Tech Jobs

Atlanta's Salary Guide for Tech

Our 2022 Salary Guide for Atlanta Technology Jobs gives job seekers and hiring managers the most up-to-date salary information and important updates on hiring trends affecting tech talent across the Atlanta job market.


2021 forced the players in the entire technology talent market to rethink their approaches to how and where they work. In the new guide, we show you just how the dynamics of hiring have shifted. We share important strategies that are helping companies succeed at hiring where others have failed. The report also covers top technology areas where Atlanta is particularly competitive and growing, as well as high to low salary ranges for IT executives and tech related professionals.

2022 Salary Guide for Atlanta Tech Jobs

What's In Our Salary Guide?

  • Find out what's the hottest IT job in Atlanta right now.
  • Learn the new candidate demands and expectations.
  • Get the big picture of the market on competition & top skills.
  • Review the new best practices of hiring in this ultra competitive market.
  • Update yourself with the latest thinking and strategies to make winning job offers.
  • See what Atlanta's technology jobs pay, including for executives and tech-related business roles.

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2022 Salary Guide

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