2020 IT Salary Guide Atlanta

Elev8’s 2020 Salary Guide for Atlanta Technology Jobs

Our 2020 Salary Guide for Atlanta Technology Jobs gives both job seekers and companies hiring top IT talent the most up to date view on the Atlanta, Georgia job market.

The guide includes updates on big trends affecting the overall Georgia job market, including COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter. The report also covers top technology areas where Atlanta is particularly competitive and growing, as well as high to low salary ranges for IT executives and technology workers.

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How Much Should I Earn — Or Pay?

The Elev8 2020 Salary Guide for Atlanta Technology Jobs has the information you need to make your search for top talent or a new position a success. From the C-suite to any technologist with at least 7 years experience, the 2020 Salary Guide provides salary ranges for Atlanta tech jobs, highlights key positions in demand, and shares tools like the Elev8 Talent Evaluator to help ensure the right people get placed in the right job.

How Does Atlanta Rate For Tech Jobs?

2020 marched in a year of crisis and turmoil. Between quarantine orders and the human rights offenses that catalyzed the Black Lives Matter movement into the spotlight, Americans were forced to re-evaluate how they work. The 2020 Salary Guide covers how Atlanta and the greater Georgia job market is faring.

The news is mostly promising, as technology jobs are rising faster than the job market itself, and Atlanta's progress on diversity is a standout for the rest of the industry. Approximately 25% of Atlanta's technology community, is represented by Black Americans—the highest mark of diversity in the US. Considering African Americans represent just 13% of the US population, and 30% of the Georgia population, this is considerable progress. This report digs into why and how Atlanta is doing better on inclusion.

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What the 2020 Salary Guide Includes

  • Find out what's the hottest IT job in Atlanta right now.
  • Compare how Atlanta Tech Jobs are doing against other Atlanta jobs and other cities.
  • Check out the salary ranges for IT executives in Atlanta.
  • See what Atlanta's technology jobs pay.
  • Learn why Atlanta is an outstanding ally for Black Lives Matter in technology jobs.
  • Update on the latest numbers on the impact of COVID-19.

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