2020 IT Salary Guide: Atlanta

Atlanta's Salary Guide for Tech

Our 2020 Salary Guide for Atlanta Technology Jobs gives both job seekers and companies hiring top IT talent the most up to date view on the market. The guide includes general trends including how COVID-19 is affecting Atlanta jobs, and an update on how the Atlanta tech community fares on diversity and inclusion (DI) in the light of the Black Lives Matter movement. The report also covers top technology areas where Atlanta is particularly competitive and growing, as well as high to low salary ranges for IT executives and technology workers.

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What's In Our Salary Guide?

  • Find out what's the hottest IT job in Atlanta right now.
  • Compare how Atlanta Tech Jobs are doing against other Atlanta jobs and other cities.
  • Check out the salary ranges for IT executives in Atlanta.
  • See what Atlanta's technology jobs pay.
  • Learn why Atlanta is an outstanding ally for Black Lives Matter in technology jobs.
  • Update on the latest numbers on the impact of COVID-19.

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