Hiring Success Stories



During our first month in business, Elev8 started a partnership with BitPay, a cryptocurrency payment processor. We helped build out their team from one person to 80 employees in one year. They included talent who moved to Atlanta from all over the United States. We also augmented tech teams based in Amsterdam, New York City, San Francisco, and Argentina.



In 2016, Elev8 was brought into the talent partner program at Anthem, Inc. This Fortune 30, $80 billion client picked us and five other recruitment firms. During the following 18 months, Elev8 became the number one provider of that program.



In 2014, Elev8 began partnering with SalesLoft, a sales engagement platform, when they were still at the Atlanta Tech Village. Not only have we placed employees in disciplines such as development, development managers, product design, product management, and quality assurance, but we also provided account managers, recruiters, and even the Head of Customer Support. From a 3 person startup to a 200+ person, profitable company, we helped to build their entire core team, enabling SalesLoft to scale and grow exponentially in the market.



When Delta spent more than a year and a half unable to find the right leader for their new Innovation Center, they came to Elev8. They had used internal resources and worked with multiple other agencies but hadn’t quite made a match. In just two months, we found the perfect fit from Dallas, TX, to be their Innovation Engineering Manager. Our understanding of technological innovation and the marketplace led to a great success both for us and for Delta.



Elev8 has worked with Springbot, an e-commerce marketing automation platform, since 2013. When our partnership began, they were a small team of 5 located in the ATDC. We started with building out their core development team and at one time placed 90% of their technical team. Springbot has grown to a company of 120+ and Elev8 has remained their premier recruiting solutions provider.