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Our talent is finding yours.

We solve one of your most painful problems—finding top technology talent is one of the hardest endeavors a growing technology company deals we. We got you!

We are true headhunters. We find the "difficult to find" talent. The Purple Squirrels Unicorn of the industry. When startups or high growth tech companies are hiring, they are not just looking for average talent. They are looking for the best and the brightest talent. Elev8 has spent the last decade combing the market for the best, the brightest, the unique talent that will make the greatest impact in your company. The talent you need is the hidden talent. The gainfully employed, the movers and shakers of our time. That is our speciality.


The Elev8 difference.

Our Staffing Solutions

Elev8’s passion is helping small to mid-sized US companies hire the high-caliber technology resources they need to prosper. We understand small to mid-sized businesses' specific needs and nuances. We’ve evolved our solutions to fit your unique requirements and preferences.


You hire the Information technology talent that fits your skills, experience, and cultural alignment needs.


You receive quality candidates quickly without wasting your valuable time in the process.


You receive objective, quality advice based on sound and current job market data relevant to the specific roles and locations involved.


You have a hiring partner who knows how to manage the candidates' communications and expectations to maximize the odds that your offer gets accepted instead of your competitor’s.

How We Can Help You

Direct hire

Contract hire

Contract to hire

Step 1

We execute a 7-step sourcing process that utilizes some of the best technology products and AI solutions. This allows us to to comb the market for the potential candidates who may could fit your position.

Step 2

We contact the top 20-25 sourced candidates with a marketing message that promotes the special and unique aspects of your company and position.

Step 3

We execute a comprehensive screening process to choose the 3-5 best candidates who meet your criteria and are interested in your position. These are the people we submit to you for interviews.

Step 4

We manage the expectations and communications with the candidates you are interested in. This maximizes the odds of candidates accepting your offer instead of your competitor’s.

Step 5

After you hire and onboard our candidates, our recruiting team communicates with them to ensure that any issues or concerns are identified and addressed. This minimizes the unnecessary loss of good hires.

Our Hiring Services

Elev8 brings the best of today's science and technology together to the most effective hiring process available. We offer services for direct hires, contract and contract-to-hire, as well as payroll services.

Direct Hires

We invest the time to truly understand what you are looking for and help you understand the market. We help you identify and solve any problems that are getting in the way of you making the right hires.

Direct Hires
Contract and Contract-to-Hire

Contract and

Temporary contracts for technologists, including those in less traditional or emerging tech positions.

Contract-to-hire plans provide the option to bring the candidate on as a full-time employee at the end of the contract.

We Also Offer Payroll Services

We provide our clients with easy, online payroll services to mitigate and offset the risk of co-employment. For your convenience, Elev8 will be the employer of record for our contractors to you, which includes us providing them 24/7 support, 401K, and healthcare.

  • We engage with our contractors bi-weekly throughout the duration of the contract.
  • We are 100% ACA compliant, and manage our state, federal and payroll taxes.
  • You can use our services with contractors you may find yourself.
  • Our payroll services can ramp up or down with your contingent workforce quickly.
payroll services


I've found Elev8 to be one of the easiest recruiting firms to work with, and the best I've ever seen in terms of candidate quality. I encourage you to reach out to them and see what they have to offer.

Director of Product Development

All of the resumes sent to us were awesome. They were the best resumes we’ve ever seen from recruiters - not only are they in line with the job, but your understanding of the job and the candidates’ skills saved us time in the hiring process.

Senior HR Manager

Getting started will be the easiest thing you do today.

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    Click schedule a consultation.

    Schedule a time to talk with someone on our team. They’ll discover your unique needs so we can understand how to best help.

  • 2

    Meet with your client executive.

    Once we have agreed to terms, a client executive will guide you every step of the way.

  • 3

    Work with our incredibly talented team.

    You don’t just get a client executive, you will receive a data report on your initial search as well as a talented team of sourcers and recruiters to make sure we are aligned to find your next top talent.