Find Atlanta's Top IT Talent

We Find Top IT Talent for Our Clients

You need people who are problem solvers, the specialists who can take on many roles within your organization. You may need an entire team of these people—all of whom are the best because of their skill sets and passion.

You may already have a team that supports your business’ technology, but you need something extra that’s a little more unique, something to give you an extra edge.

We bring top talent in the tech industry and match them with prestigious companies like yours that require the best technologists for their needs.

Our Talent Evaluation Process™

Our Talent Evaluation Process™ Determines And Secures The Best-Of-The-Best Technology Talent.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Strategy Launch

Elev8 will sit down with you to learn more about your company and determine what would make a good partnership between us. A true consultative partner, we will learn about what needs your company has and help define what the ideal candidate will look like based on your requirements and our knowledge of the market.

Step 2

Culture Discovery

We’re big on culture, and we know it can make or break the success of a new employee. Elev8 will deep-dive into the culture of your company and find out what kind of people you really need to join your team.

Step 3

Talent Evaluator

Once we’ve defined your role and culture, we start the hunt for the perfect match. We screen candidates for you, and then we compile information from their resume and screen into the Talent Evaluator document, which provides a great overall view of the candidate. We send this to you and you decide who to interview.

Step 4

Land & Celebrate

After interviewing, you’ve selected the candidate to whom you want to make an offer. We help you through any negotiations if necessary. After acceptance, you’ve added a great technologist to your team. Time to celebrate!

Step 5

Mission Review

We don’t just stop after hiring. We discuss how the needs of your company have changed as a result and consult with you on where your company needs to go next. Then we start the process over again, working towards our mutual next success.

Over 1,000 Hires for Clients In Atlanta And Counting.

Your company could be next.

Onboarding Process

Learn IT

We Learn

We are storytellers. We learn about you so we can share your story with the talent.

Assemble Job Info

We Assemble

We work with you to understand exactly what roles and talents you need to fill and assemble a game plan to do it.

Attract Talent

We Attract

Our recruiters are trained to attract and engage the best technologists for you, through candidate-oriented job descriptions, social media, and our established network.

Our Hiring Services

Permanent Placements

Direct Hiring

Direct Hiring employees is a strategic decision in today’s environment. The wrong hire can set you back time and money. Meanwhile, the time and effort spent searching to find that perfect fit can be exhausting and a distraction from your business’ core mission.

With no obligation, you tell us what you are looking for. We do all the research, screening, and reference checks. You interview and only owe us if you hire our candidate.


Contract and Contract-To-Hire

We can also staff technologists in less traditional positions that include temporary contracts based on short-term business needs. And contract-to-hire plans where immediate needs are met with the option to bring the candidate on as a full-time employee at the end of the contract should your business needs require it. This is a great option to address short-term pain points.


Payroll Services

We provide our clients with payroll services to mitigate and offset the risk of co-employment. For your convenience, Elev8 is the employer of record for our contractors to you, which includes us providing them 24/7 support, 401K, and healthcare.

  • We engage with our contractors bi-weekly throughout the duration of the contract.
  • We are 100% ACA compliant, and manage our state, federal and payroll taxes.
  • You can use our services with contractors you may find yourself.
  • Our payroll services can ramp up or down with your contingent workforce quickly.

Our Clients Love Us. We’ll Let Them Tell You Why.

"Your team has been critical in solving our staffing needs. Best decision I made in 2017 hands down. I appreciate all the hard work."


Director of Engineering

"I've found Elev8 to be one of the easiest recruiting firms to work with, and the best I've ever seen in terms of candidate quality. I encourage you to reach out to them and see what they have to offer."


Director of Product Development

"All of the resumes sent to us were awesome. They were the best resumes we’ve ever seen from recruiters - not only are they in line with the job, but your understanding of the job and the candidates’ skills saved us time in the hiring process."



Sr. HR Manage

"We knew this opening would be a purple unicorn and had interviewed ten candidates for the role. Elev8 swooped in and sent just one, who blew everyone else out of the water."



Head of DevOps

"I can't recommend the team enough. They have excellent contacts around Georgia Tech and elsewhere. By far, Elev8 is the most professional and easiest agency that I've worked with. You have the freedom to use any staffing agency that you would like. I recommend using Elev8."


Mobile Development Manager