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Hiring Best Practices: Personalized Offer Letter Presentations

Today's talent market decidedly bends toward the candidate, especially in IT. Call it what you like—the Great Resignation, the Big Quit, or the Great Reshuffle—but skilled technical candidates are increasingly scarce, and the competition for each one is steeper than ever before.

With this in mind, it is more important than ever to make your job offer stand out to stand a chance of bringing the best candidate on board.

In this post, we provide an update to the best practices of making job offers, some inspiration on how to surprise and delight your candidates along the way—while winning them over.

What should be included in a job offer?

A job offer letter from employer to prospective employee should include all salient points of the employment contract:

  1. Job Title
  2. Job Description
  3. Starting Date
  4. Salary Details
  5. Benefits & Perks
  6. Work Schedule
  7. Reporting Structure
  8. Company Mission & Values
  9. Terms & Conditions

Traditionally, hiring managers present the above details job in classic letter form, often with dense legal speak. These offers may make for great contracts for your lawyers, but they range from being intimidating to plain old boring for other professionals.

And, they don't help you stand out.

Nailing the Candidate Experience

As we discussed in our previous blog The New Hiring Practices You Need To Win Talent Today, you need to surprise and delight your candidates to stand out from the competition.

With just a little extra effort—like sending company swag, hiring a fancy car service for interviews, or sending personalized handwritten notes and video greetings—you can help sell the position. Going the extra mile shows you’ve got heart and may just be the difference to win you a new team member.

Creating Personalized Job Offers Presentation Packets 

Tailored offer packets always impress candidates, while also providing important guidance and transparency. They also look sharp, which breeds confidence that your company is organized and serious about their career.

Below, we have created a fictional offer letter as an example to inspire your personalized offer letters.

More Tips for Making the Perfect Job Offer

We've covered the basics of putting a letter and a presentation together to make your offer packet more impressive. But don't stop there!

  • Move fast. The closer the offer is to the final interview, the better your chances.
  • Always call first. It's the only way to convey your true excitement to your candidate.
  • Be enthusiastic! Celebrate this milestone! Make it personal with little details that share why you are excited about them specifically.
  • Get a commitment—even a tentative one. Even if they need time to sign, ask them what they think of the offer, and try to help overcome any obstacles they mention early.

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